Butterflies.. 1024 640 Transcend With Urvashi

What if the change you’re avoiding is the one that gives you wings?

..I’ve always been fascinated with butterflies.. even before I knew what they represent, even before I learnt about their life journey and how beautiful they are inside and out, I had a connection with them.. and that has only become stronger as the years passed by.. they emotionally connect with me.. spiritually connect with me.. teach us that change is good.. change is growth, a life-lesson so beautifully explained in its life journey.. a lesson I was resisting to learn from early days I suppose..

Like many of us, I wasn’t easily adaptable to change, little things like if the exact position of something at home changed, or if the grocery store changed the positions of items I was looking for.. made me irritated.. and as we learn, the only constant in life is change so I went through it all.. from changing schools to moving cities.. happens with us all.. the more I resisted, the more changes life brought.. it was hard.. it was challenging.. to restart all over again.. to find a new way of being each time.. till I learnt to adapt..

And then Dubai happened 6 years ago.. we moved from Mumbai to make this our new home with a sparkle in our eyes and an excitement to start a new journey.. lets just say that things didn’t really go as planned.. and today when I look back, I am so grateful for all the roadblocks, closed doors and detours.. they not only led me to this beautiful path I am on now.. it ‘changed’ us and evolved us into who we were meant to be.. just like the butterfly.. and I so relate to its journey, we were clearly meant to go through all the experiences we did or else we wouldn’t be who we are today.. we all have to go through the caterpillar phase of life to grow.. and that’s the beauty of it.. imagine what would happen if the caterpillar hadn’t persisted, if the caterpillar wasn’t resilient..

..without change, there would be no butterflies!