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How would you like to learn the secret behind connecting with your child at the deepest level?

This eBook will give you clarity on what really is required to connect with your child unconditionally – to heal your own inner child wounds so you stop projecting the same onto your children.

It comes with a very simple explanation of what inner child healing is and is packed with many healing tools for real life scenarios at home.

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What's Inside The Book?

This 50 pages ebook is a simple attempt to introduce the concept of the inner child and its healing to you. You will LEARN to become aware of the subconscious program that is running your life on auto-pilot! You are your conditioning, unless you challenge it! The greatest legacy we can leave our children is a happy childhood. Creating a happy and safe environment for your child plays a very important part in their physical and mental growth.

Connect with your Inner Child

Simple ways to connect with your ‘inner child’, to find and heal root causes of your issues as an adult. Includes Inner Child Journaling and some extremely powerful Inner Child Affirmations.

Identify Trigger Points

Start noticing, observing, and reflecting on what happens inside of you when you are triggered. What triggers us, reveals what needs healing within us. Also, includes action tips on how to respond when you feel triggered by your child.

Master Conscious Parenting

Learn the various pillars of Conscious Parenting, the most important one being – understanding that you have been conditioned. It is not so much about raising your child but working through your triggers to raise yourself.

Learn Healing Tools

How to teach children about another person’s point of view?
How to break the cycle of chaos at home?
How to trust oneself? And thus your child.
How to build your child’s self esteem?


Why Would You Need This Book?

We all want to be the best parents we can be for our children, but we also carry our own conflicts, unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs into the parenthood journey and unknowingly create a lasting impression on our kids with our baggage.

So, it is so important to HEAL THAT INNER CHILD within us as we otherwise pass on the same unconscious damage generation to generation.

$ 11.00

About The Author

Hi, I’m Urvashi, mum of two beautiful children aged 15 and 11. I’m a Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and absolutely passionate about empowering gorgeous souls like you to ‘transcend’ beyond all limitations that are holding them back!

I believe that our lives are a blue-print of our subconscious programming since childhood, and for true and lasting change to take place in any area of our life, personal or professional, change needs to happen at the unconscious level. I use NLP and this language of the mind to enable my clients shed all past emotional baggage and self-defeating beliefs about themselves, thus helping heal their ‘inner child’ so they stop projecting their fears and emotional burdens onto their children.

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