Frequently asked Questions

A client is coachable when there is 100% willingness to learn and 100% willingness to change. In order for me to serve your purpose, and for you to get what you want from the time invested, you need to approach the subjects presented with an attitude of “I know that I don’t know what I don’t know”. Nobody knows it all already! This would open you up for new learnings and insights.

Counselling focusses on a lot of ‘talking through’ about the issue to figure out what happened and why you think the way you do. Coaching uses tools and techniques to release emotional baggage so essentially it is process driven and does not require needing to know the content in great details. It is a gentler way of acquiring insight and make long lasting permanent change.

If you choose to go ahead, you may get in touch with me and I am happy to meet with you for a free consultation. This typically happens at a casual setting, like a coffee shop, or a chat on the phone. You need to text or call to book your free consultation.

The no-obligation, free consultation is primarily to discuss your areas of concern and if we both believe that coaching can help you, we are ready to start with the process best suited for you! I believe this is super important for us both to know if we would like to work with each other and feel comfortable before we begin. This session also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have about NLP/ Time Paradigm or any techniques that we may be using.

The free consultation is more casual so approximately 30-45 minutes. Thereafter, each session is typically one and a half hours to two hours.


That depends upon whether you wish to engage in a complete personal breakthrough (6-8 sessions) or a one-time session to deal with an immediate emotional issue. The complete personal breakthrough is obviously a more thorough session and releases all past unprocessed negative emotions, limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving ahead and also integrates any conflicts in the mind. There are also future Goal Setting techniques to help you keep the change and focus on what you want. Breakthrough sessions address all your issues and leave you feeling ready to take on the world, they are ideal for your own personal development.

You will be sent a Pre-study when you choose to sign up for coaching with me. In our very first session, we will go through any questions from the pre-study and I will take a detailed personal history from you. I will ask several questions, posed in such a way that your unconscious mind will start to break the problem down, re-assessing how to get what you want. We will also set outcomes.

In most sessions thereafter, we will spend some time reviewing the last session and discuss any exercises I may have assigned to do, before moving on to the change work. We review at the end of each session and I give you a brief overview of the next session.

Payment is made upfront after the free consultation via bank transfer. For a one-time session of Polarities Integration, payment is made upfront. For the Personal Breakthrough, payment can be made in 2 instalments, one at the beginning of the session and the remaining at the end of 3 sessions.

Coaching can happen in person or online via zoom.

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