In the face of adversity – we are all ONE!

In the face of adversity – we are all ONE! 1024 512 Transcend With Urvashi

A Facebook post on my timeline yesterday read – “I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked and mine might not be. Or vice versa”

Obviously, everybody’s circumstances are different.. perception of this storm is different and the effects it has had emotionally, physically or financially.. are different.. the world is facing an unprecedented crisis that just came.. out of the blue and brought our world to a standstill.. literally.. there are travel bans and closed borders.. and cities in partial or full lockdown..

The one thing that struck me the most is how the virus has standardized and equalized us all.. in the face of adversity, we are all ONE.. to the virus, your status, fame and money mean nothing! No one is more privileged than the other in terms of immunity from the virus.. it has united the world in more ways than we could ever imagine before! There is no doubt that these are tough times.. there are people who have lost a friend or a family member.. there are others who are struggling in their jobs and unsure of what the future will be.. uncertainty, as they say, is life’s way of saying there are only a few things I can control..

But the one thing that I can control is my INNER world.. my actions, my thoughts, my emotions. The way I respond to whatever is happening outside my inner space is totally up to ME. You cannot undermine the power of hope and prayer! As a mum and a coach, I keep repeating this to my children and clients alike – The human mind is only capable of feel its thinking.. so feed it well.. feed it with positive thoughts..! It cannot distinguish between reality and thought so we can always pretend, if not anything else, that all is well.. switch off from media and news if it helps.. make the most of the family time u have now.. make memories..

We have got to trust that the government authorities are doing their best to prevent the virus spread, to keep us safe.. what are WE doing? And what are we unintentionally teaching our kids? Children learn best by imitation so are we being fearful and panicking in the face of the threat or are we being calm and resourceful? Choose wisely. Be mindful of the long term consequences of your words and reactions.. Corona is just today’s current example, it is your reaction to ANY threat that I’m after.. here is an opportunity actually to share wisdom with your kids.. to teach them calm and the benefits of being resourceful.. lead by example.. our best bet today is to have an energetic alkaline body with a top notch immune system! Use this time to nourish yourself as much as possible.. do things u never had time for before.. be an example for others to follow.. you will have your best chance at striving and like many other threats in the past, this too shall pass..

I leave you with lyrics from my favourite MJ song.. Heal the world..

Heal the world..

Make it a better place..

For you and for me..

And the entire human race..

There are people dying..

If you care enough for the living..

Make it a better place..

For you and for me..