STRESS – Are you being chased by lions in real life..?

STRESS – Are you being chased by lions in real life..? 1024 576 Transcend With Urvashi

I have heard of the word ‘stress’ being loosely thrown around so much.. every person, every child, his grand ma and her dog seem to have stress these days.. ‘Oh it must be stress’, ‘..I am so stressed!’, ‘I have stress’.. – what does it all really mean?

Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When we sense danger—whether it is real or imagined—the body’s defenses kick in to the ‘fight-or-flight’ mode otherwise known as the ‘stress response.’ It is our body’s way of defense to actually protect us.

We as human beings, are like any other animal in this world, perfectly capable of handling short term stress. When our life is seemingly in danger, our brain declares an emergency, alarms in the body go off, all our focus shifts towards the issue at hand and all our growth mechanisms go offline. Our digestive system, immune system, all of the systems that are needed for growth for life in essence, which are not needed in this very moment while we are handling this issue at hand, while the body is in survival mode, get switched off ‘literally’. You don’t need your immune system or digestive system if you are running away from lions that are chasing you, right? Your body pumps all the available energy out of the visceral area, as doctors call it, and pumps all the energy into your extremities so that you can run faster or fight harder! When the survival mode is on, every ounce of your energy counts so nothing goes to waste! It’s a matter of life and death!

Problem with human beings though is that we live in a modern world where there are no real lions chasing us anymore! Our system is very well designed to deal with short term stress, and the body goes back to growth mode or whatever it is we were doing, after the danger is over. We are not as well equipped to handle LONG TERM STRESS. Today, we carry in our mind all the perceived stressors no matter where we are! The unpleasant discussion with the boss is carried home, just as any negative feelings with the argument with spouse is carried to work, the pressure of deadlines, mountains of bills, uncertainty about the future, disagreement with a friend or children are constantly playing on our minds!

It is this long term stress which is killing us. Our immune systems or digestive systems are shut down for long periods of time and weakened. All doctors agree that 99% of our dis-eases are caused by stress. For some people, it becomes a pattern to see and filter everything through their automatic negative thoughts. So even in a potentially low or no stress environment they end up stressing and imagining the worst possible scenario. This kind of stress is 100% self-inflicted and affects every cell in the body, because remember the body cannot distinguish between real and imagined. When you re-live a bad memory, even though the event happened a long time ago, when it is unresolved and stressful, this kind of stress gets built up in our bodies, we carry it and the body can feel that stress!

So how do we win this WAR against this ‘perceived’ stress? Life happens to everyone.. nobody is immune from the ups and downs that life has to offer.. the first step is to recognize that you have pent up feelings and unresolved negative emotions which affect your day to day functioning. Life Coaching helps to alter how a person views a stressful situation and also teaches effective ways of coping. Then we find a way to ‘clean up’ all past baggage and provide tools to deal with any future anxieties. Breathing and meditation are also wonderful ways to bring the heart and brain to be in sync, a key factor in leading a stress-free life!