The secret to ABUNDANCE!

The secret to ABUNDANCE! 1024 684 Transcend With Urvashi

The dictionary definition of Abundance is to have a large amount of something. However, accumulating piles and piles of things never brought anyone anywhere close to what abundance in life really is.


In the training I recently received, I learnt that ABUNDANCE IS THE ABILITY, TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, WHEN YOU NEED TO DO IT.


If you have any blockages accessing abundance in your life, it would come from your Conditioning (who knew?) – which is the sum total of all past life experiences, memories, values and beliefs. For any lasting change in life, we have to update our programs, our definitions and rules, which are all stored and operate from within our conditioning.


There are FIVE DIFFERENT FORMS OF ABUNDANCE (and many many more).. let’s talk about the one most people are most familiar with – THE MONEY.


Remember, whenever we are focusing on just one source of abundance, it can not only make the manifestation of abundance so much harder, and could even be the reason why “true” abundance alludes most people.  Have you ever thought about why five percent of the world owns eighty percent of the wealth?


We’ve got to liberate ourselves from any and all limiting beliefs around money and wealth. These beliefs were adopted by you, from the environment that you were raised in, usually passed onto you by people that aren’t already wealthy, right? Let those beliefs go.. and now update your system, insisting on positive, empowering beliefs that would determine a very healthy relationship with money, and everything else that comes with it. This step is an absolute must, if you wish to create wealth and if you wish to keep it and grow it.

I’d like you to see that money, just like everything else in this world, is just energy. And as such, you are either attracting it, or repelling it from your life


The next on the abundance list is TRADE.

The channel of trade can range from the things that you know, things that you can do, people that you know and things that you have.  Whatever it is that you already have, that has value to other people – you could choose to trade. You can trade it for some money, or you can trade it for anything of value that that person has, that you would accept as a form of value. The truth is, that we all usually have far more value to offer to the world around us, than what we give ourselves credit for.

Again, the consequence to a misinformed mind about what abundance is, and a mind that is clogged with all sorts of negative, self-imposed limitations, self-confidence issues, and alike.. resolving those limiting ideas, allows you to see just how much more valuable you already are to the people around you.

The third form of abundance is GIFTS.

Or more specifically, to be open to receive gifts.


Gifts can come in many different forms, and yes, they can come in the form of money, or they can come in the form of a variety of different objects, but they can also come in the form of assistance or knowledge.  With gifts once again, it is very important that you remain open to receive the gift that you were given. 


Very often, our past conditioning gets in the way of this! Some un-serving, outdated concepts and ideas, bring about a host of negative emotions, which can stop us from being able to receive. Giving and receiving is part of the same process, and when you receive something of value to you, then you ought to experience and give gratitude.  And if you are not able to receive and give gratitude, then what you are doing in essence is, you are stopping that process.


Because the energy that you are sending out into the universe, is to say stop giving to me! I don’t want it, or I am not good enough for it, or I don’t deserve it! And then the universe is going to respond to that in a way, where it’s going to just heed your request, and then stop the flow of abundance to you.


You would be closing down the energy that manifests what you want, and you would be stopping, or blocking your own abundance. This is something that we often miss, because it’s very subtle, but the impact is very profound though.  So giving gratitude, completes the process of giving and receiving, which invites even more of that in life, which is just brilliant. request, and then stop the flow of abundance to you.


The next form of abundance we discuss here is that of SYNCHRONICITY which is that moment in time, when we suddenly and briefly become consciously aware that we have made a deeper connection with the universe, or that which is greater than our individual self.


Unconsciously, you know what you want, and through your unconscious beliefs you attract events (or synchronicities) which if followed, will lead you to places where you will learn the important life lessons, that you needed for your journey. Intuition has a much deeper intelligence and awareness, than your conscious wants and desires.


Synchronicities are not only related to the law of attraction, they are also directly linked with the law of vibration. Each individual vibrates at a certain level, the more positive and happy the person is, the higher their level of vibration. And in contrast, negative, unhappy or angry people usually reside on a lower vibrational frequency.


The learning here is to remain in touch with your intuition on a daily basis, for even the tiniest of coincidences, and know that what may seem insignificant at first glance, could be a wonderful opportunity, just waiting for you to take action. It could be the synchronicity that leads you to the place that resonates with you.


The last one for our discussion on abundance here (there are many many more) is the CHANNEL OF INSPIRATION or IMAGINATION. 


This level of abundance gives rise to your ability to perceive things in a new and different way, and also to bring-in new ideas that you can achieve in a perhaps different and innovative way.


If there is one big learning that I like you to take from this experience, is to understand that when you create abundance, that abundance doesn’t come in just one channel, but very often abundance would come around in all of the channels that we’ve discussed right now.  But if you were to limit your awareness to only one or two of the channels, it would be like only getting one or two of the pieces of the puzzle, and you’ll never be able to really see the big picture!


Very often, the thing that you’re looking for in your life, would work in exactly the same way. You will get some part of it delivered to you in one form, or one channel, and then another part of what you are looking for would come through in a different channel.   Some of what you are looking for might come into your life as a gift, then another part may come in the form of inspiration, and another part may come in, in the form of money. If your awareness is only going to be focused on money, then you may not get to the point of achieving your goal, because you’ll be missing all the other clues.


Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we TUNE INTO!