What is anxiety?

What is anxiety? 1024 707 Transcend With Urvashi

ANXIETY.. is a warning from your subconscious mind to focus on what you want..!

Did u know that all emotions are a feedback to your thinking?

We think and feel a certain way and the brain releases chemicals to match that feeling.. emotions are nothing more than chemicals released from the hypothalamus (in the brain).. so i just need to think differently TO feel differently.. and a different emotion is released.. the purpose of the emotion is to act as feedback to the quality of my thinking..

‘anxiety’ is the only emotion we have which is from the FUTURE.. the event has not happened yet.. we are only using the process of imagination to distress about tomorrow inducing fear, inefficiency and negativity.. it is a serious misuse of imagination.. if the mind if capable of imagining negative thoughts, it is certainly capable of imagining POSITIVE.. u just need to focus on what u want to bring your mind back to NOW..

and may be do a little exercise.. close your eyes and imagine the event that u are anxious about and imagine it exactly the way u would like it to be.. see it soo clearly that the image looks real.. and feel what u would feel at that point.. feel the joy and contentment and continue to deep breathe in that state till u feel better.. come back to the present and open your eyes..

You have the power of imagination – use it wisely!!