What Is Coaching?

As Albert Einstein said,

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them!”

Coaching helps transform many aspects of your life – from integrating conflicts in the mind to focusing on what you want, from letting go of your emotional baggage from the past, to shedding anxiety for the future!

The tools and techniques used in coaching range from NLP, Time Paradigm Techniques, Hypnosis, Polarities Integration to Quantum Lingusitics! Some of the terminology may sound unfamiliar and I am more than happy to discuss them in more detail before a session.

To give a little clarity, the techniques are briefly explained below


refers to Neuro – the human nervous system, including the brain and the five senses, Linguistic – the verbal and non-verbal languages with which we communicate and Programming – the ability to structure our neurological and linguistic systems to achieve desired results. NLP is about understanding the way the mind works, so that you can run the correct ‘program’ to bring the desired results. Whether you want to improve your health, emotional well-being, create long-lasting rewarding relationships, seek high performance or success in life, sport, work or business utilizing NLP effectively can help you achieve it.

Time Paradigm Techniques

is a process of active imagination and super effective. Time Paradigm Techniques work with your unconscious mind, which is in charge of all your emotions and memories. The intent is to work consciously with the Unconscious Mind, which causes conscious-unconscious integration. We eliminate the negative emotional charge or any self-defeating belief from its ROOT CAUSE thereby completely cleaning up the past and aligning the present with what you want in the future.

Polarities Integration

is a coaching technique that enables you to resolve any problems or emotional burdens right away.

It discovers and integrates your ‘Primordial Polarities’ – the main polarities – the very first expression of duality in this world that exists in your unconscious, and also integrates any other polarities. Discharging or neutralizing these 2 polarities frees you from the unconscious prison where each of these is pulling or pushing you its way. Clearing the charge between them gives you freedom to choose and pick the side that serves you best.

Parts Integration

is a highly effective technique for conflict resolution. Only once you are free from any internal conflicts are you able to access your genius and align what you consciously desire with your unconscious programming. The strategy is to eliminate any unconscious conflicts so that you are able to function as a ‘whole’. The desired outcome may be one of the two options that were conflicting or a whole new possibility shows up with clarity.


“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind” – New York Times
Its an amazing technique to structure the way you use your words, your gestures and your mannerisms to not only convey what you are communicating to others on a conscious level, but to have your communication seep through straight into their unconscious as well.

Quantum Linguistics

Quantum Linguistics, in simple terms, is the language of the mind. When someone states that they have a problem, we need to establish what exactly in someone’s life is the problem, and what is not the problem. We need to establish where the boundaries of the problem are, as this may not be apparent at first. My sessions begin with a series of specific and well-designed questions in ‘Quantum Linguistics’ that give you clarity, and kind of set the stage for the modules to follow. Quantum Linguistics is backed by decades and years of studying how language affects your neurology. You will be consciously accessing certain parts of your neurology you haven’t been visiting before.

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